Episode 14: Da Pizza Princess and Sir TeaBaggins meet the Silencer and UFC 155 recap

Thank you once again for listening to Knights of the Octagon. This week Da Pizza Princess and Sir TeaBaggins go to see CFFC Welterweight Champ, George Sullivan and pick up tix to his fight on February 2nd. The chatter of this meeting quickly sends the show off the rails and gets the KOTO gang into a fever pitch for the fights on Feb. 2nd. LET ME BANG, BRO!

The second half of the show recaps the bloody goodness of UFC 155. Sir Axman won the last round of 2012 with 8 wins barely squeaking past Sir Kayak. Sir Predator followed up his 12-12 performance with a whopping 4. No wonder he was no where to be found this week… BTW J-Lau looked like Princess Di when Kayak’s Kingdom runs out of Steak-ums.


Dos Bloodbaths

bloody mess

What an epic battle


February 2nd it’s gonna be war…


Da Pizza Princess and Sir Teabaggins were looking for a different war with George…


Yoda sums up the show

Thanks again for tuning in…We will be back Wednesday with an all new KOTO!

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