EP 87: Matt Secor, Manny Walo and Mike “Biggie” Rhodes

Thanks again for tuning in to another KOTOMMA Radio show. This week we are once again joined by Matt Secor who will be taking on Lyman good in the CFFC Main Event this upcoming Saturday night at the Mennen arena in Morristown, NJ. We fight through some phone issues as we hear what Matt has been up to since we last spoke to him as well as his big fight this Saturday. One of our favorite guests, we will be rooting for him this Saturday. Next our pal Manny Walo chats with us about his upcoming bout on the same CFFC card where he will try and avenge his draw to Diego Peclat. The boys at KOTO knighted Manny into our circle of debauchery and he shall always be known as Sir Wings and Plantains. Hopefully we are eating them after the fight Saturday. We wrap up with UFC Welterweight Mike “Biggee” Rhodes. What a great guy and a great chat not to be missed. We knew of Mike when he made his debut against our pal George Sullivan and this time around when he faces off against Robert Whittaker we will be betting a small fortune on Biggee. Listen to his chat, it’s hard not to like him.


Matt Secor is ready to go!


Manny Walo is officially a Knight…


…Sir Wings and Plantains


Mike “Biggie” Rhodes

Thanks again to our guests and for everyone tuning in….See you next Monday at 8pm est on KOTOMMA.com

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