EP 79: Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres and George “The Silenecer” Sullivan

Better late than never on this week’s post… we talk to Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres to kick off the show. Alex was in the middle of cooking his pal some birthday pasta and still found some time to chat with us. The Pizza Princess better be on her guard after this chat as Alex told us of his love of Mead, his liking to LARPing and attending Renaissance festivals. Needless to say Sir Teabaggins was in love. Once Alex told us the scientific formula for making a real light saber, we lost Phil forever. Next up our pal George “The Silencer” Sullivan talked to us about his upcoming honeymoon, time table on his next fight and a pepperoni pizza he was waiting for. Our main concern was how George was going to be able to function in Hawaii without his side kick Chris Blasi. TSA might want to really check George’s carry-on bag!  After waiting on Jessica Eye to call and countless apologies from her manager we wrapped up another edition on KOTO MMA Radio. Tune in next week for EP 80!


Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres


Cooking with Bruce Leeroy coming soon


George “The Silencer” Sullivan


George is gonna have a tough weight cut after Hawaii

Lightsaber-cutawayAlex told us how to make this bad boy


Red Eye stood us up LOL

See ya next week, bitches!

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